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Certified Coach

Live The Life You’ll Love!

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Certified Life Coach

Live The Life You’ll Love!

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Empower your life, Focus your efforts, Clarify your desires, Identify your longings, Check off your bucket list, create a “ I love going to work” feeling, help you find deep relationships, and finally help target your desires for better health! Invest in your future. Investments take resources and help you grow. They have a return on your money. Make an investment in yourself. What could be a safer bet!

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It is no accident that you are here. Start today to create abundance in relationships, health, vocation, and discover more freedom with time & money. Order the complete “I Love My Life” personal growth package and start living the life you will LOVE living. ($47) Fill out the form below to receive your copy of the first chapter for free, as my gift to you.

Meet Laura

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“Laura is completely engaging and adorable. The content is clear and interesting and makes sense. I found the examples of specific people to be exceptionally compelling- the barber and his son and the nun getting married at 75, as well as when Laura spoke of her own specific dreams as examples, as in playing the drums and flying” — Karen Harwell


I don’t have any dreams. I just want to get by. Leave me alone.

Well, if you are still reading this, you know the title is not true for you! You are intuitive. It has been a wonderful 2016 so far and I attribute that to a change in my thinking.  I have worked hard on trying to see the best in what happens to me. I no longer get...

Stuck on the escalator of life?

If you have not seen this video yet, please take a minute to view it. It shows two people stuck on an escalator! Click to Play I know…. To you and me it seems unthinkable but imagine how many times in our lives we have had a sudden realization that changed how we...

You don’t need to be a POW

I was an officer in the USAF and part of my training involved prisoner of war (POW) training. The theory was that if you were ever captured you should know what being a POW is like. It was a way to prepare for a very challenging possibility. In itself, the time in the...

So what is the difference?

I found this to be interesting. I have always felt meditation is where I close my eyes and “go inside” and visualization was more about my vision boards and how I “speak” my dream. By Susan Peterson To speak of meditation and visualization is...

I see the ocean

I subscribe to a few email lists and I was sent to another blog to test out a meditation. I forward this to you for your benefit. http://blog.mindvalleyacademy.com/meditation/silva-energy-booster-meditation It is a nine minute meditation for energy! It is 2pm here at...

Eat Dessert First

I found this on www.8womendream.com: number five on a list of strategies for dreaming big 5. For fun, eat dessert first. Every once in a while, defy order.  Stir things up.  Create a little controversy.  Break routine and stretch to see things from a different...